IT Pro database

Delivered through IT People, the IT Pro database is integrated with HR data to provide an up-to-date directory of IT Professionals (those who manage IT assets or people who do) across all campuses, including professionals from UITS, departments, and schools. The IT Pro database is organized by IT units, and searchable by individual, department (supported by an IT unit), building, campus, or job classification. The database also provides role-based access to IT tools such as passphrase reset and account management.


The IT Community Partnerships team strives to build community with IT units across all of IU. Our goal is to learn about the daily operations of each team in order to provide resources and increase efficiency in the departments. The ITCP team identifies similar backgrounds, interests, and experience among the IT Pros to make connections with comparable units for collaboration. We support team projects, serve as advocates when assistance is needed, celebrate the success of departments, and help resolve challenges. Through annual outreach meetings, IT Community Partnerships listens to the needs of the IT Pros and works to empower the team members to the best IT Pros possible.

IT-28 hand-off

ITCP's role within the IT-28 review process parallels their role broadly in advocating for the unique, IT environments in which IT professionals work. Representing IT Professionals' needs and concerns around such areas as resources, training, or culture remains a core function of ITCP's charge. We recognize that these areas of concern or challenge may have a direct impact on a unit's ability to address and fully mitigate risk. Understanding openly and honestly these challenges allows ITCP the opportunity to work with units to find appropriate support or resources potentially within UITS, and engage unit leadership—at all levels—in dialog around the work that IT professionals do.

ITCP welcomes the opportunity to work with units on acquiring or targeting sufficient resources, training and expertise within or outside of UITS to help address and mitigate risk identified by the IT-28 review. These resources could consist of proven examples of specific IT workflows or best practices used to harden systems, training through IT Training or EdCert, or services, like Intelligent Infrastructure (II) or the Consolidated Hosting Environment (CHE).

Whether resource-driven or cultural, ITCP is well positioned to represent the unique challenges IT Professionals face, as well as direct IT Professionals, whenever possible, to leverage the many services available through UITS.

Education and professional (development) best practices


The EdCert (Education Certification) program aims to elevate the technical skill set and credentials of IU's technical staff, and the IU community in general, to enhance the university's expertise infrastructure.

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Service owners collaborate with the ITCP team to craft email communications that are sent to specific mailing lists at Indiana University. These mailing lists have been developed to inform the proper audience about university-wide UITS services. Through continuous, timely dialogue, IT Pros are made aware of important information that will ensure the success of technology at IU.


ITCP collaborates with UITS service owners and university departments to inform IT Pros about the ever-changing technology environment at Indiana University. These live-streamed events provide relevant information to keep IT Pros in-the-know concerning new technology, upgrades, changes, and removal of legacy products.

Vendor events

ITCP collaborates with 3rd party vendors like Apple and Dell to host information sessions for UITS service owners, university departments, and IT Pros. In these sessions, vendor representatives may highlight upcoming product releases, share information that can help IU's IT community better support their products, and demonstrate new product features that will enhance the university’s mission of education and research.

Special projects

Software and Services Selection Process (SSSP)

ITCP manages the intake of the SSSP, a workflow that tracks and assesses -- when necessary -- all software purchases and software implemented at IU not already licensed and available on IUware or IUanyWare, or currently implemented in delivering enterprise solutions, for example, Microsoft Exchange, Canvas, Salesforce, or Qualtrics.